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jane imul

About Me

I am a social worker, who recently dubbed into writing. My first book is an activity book for women ages 40+. I enjoy spending time with family, golfing, fishing and being on the ocean (any ocean with white sand). I don’t like winter, but I live in MN. I have 4 amazing grandchildren and this year I am celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband. We will celebrate on a beach with white sand of course.

My Book : A Woman Over 40: Coloring Book With a Story

Why Write

There are many things women experience that aren't talked about much. Covid also changed things … a lot. Our priorities changed. I wanted to create something light and fun while also showing the realities of being a woman and going through transitions.

Social Media

I post on social media to throw some positivity into the world. Here are the links to my social media platforms.

Facebook: Jane Imul - Author

TikTok: @imulauthor74

Twitter: @janeImul

Instagram: janeimul